About Us

Continual progress and advancement has been the hallmark of Westbury Group. The Group companies have on its credit a sound track record of managing storage of over a million tons of liquid bulk cargoes per annum

Westbury Group (WG) is one of the leading business houses in Pakistan. WG is providing import/export, refining, manufacturing, shipping, storage, warehousing, local trading, insurance and industrial services of diversified nature to various industrial units throughout Pakistan.

The Sponsor Companies are also members of Karachi & Lahore Stock Exchange. The Group is also associated with various Social/Community Development Projects of Health & Education

The specialized services offered by the companies of the Group are briefly outlined below to identify its activities:
  • Refining of Crude Edible
  • Dedicated Jetty – Liquid Cargo Terminal at Port Qasim for handling Tanker Vessels carrying Edible Oils and other Liquid
  • Manufacturing of Cooking Oil and Vanaspati Ghee.
  • Handling and Storing of bulk liquid cargoes, like Edible Oils, Molasses, Ethanol etc.
  • Representation, Imports and Trading of Palm Oil, Soyabean Oil and Oilseeds. Exports of Molasses and various commodities for last four
  • Representation of Petroleum Products and Fuel Oil etc. and infrastructure for handling and storage of Petroleum Products in
  • Management of Mutual Funds, Stocks and
  • Management and Advisory Services for investment and stock exchange
  • Rice Processing and
  • Social/Development Projects – in the fields of Healthcare and 
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We believe in open and honest communication with our customers, employees, vendors and partners and solicit their inputs to enable us to meet their expectations.